We are Cloud-native natives. Cloudyna conf 2022 overview

The Cloudyna conference took place on September 28 at Silesian Museum (Katowice). It’s a community-driven conference dedicated to Cloud Computing. As we call ourselves “cloud-native natives”, we can’t miss the opportunity to be there.


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At the end of September, we gather together with the Cloud enthusiasts in the heart of Silesia during the Cloudyna conference. It was a day full of speeches and workshops, delivering solid technical knowledge from the best industry experts – including the #VLteam specialists! Our Cloud Engineers, Wojciech Guzik, Maciej Gołaszewski and Mateusz Karykowski, ran an all-day workshop. Their training filled the room to the brim (there were more applicants than places)!

“Infrastructure as Code and Automation”

On a daily basis, Wojciech, Maciej and Mateusz are working with AWS and Azure, creating new platforms and maintaining existing systems/platforms using IaaC tools. During the “Infrastructure as Code and Automation“ workshop, they answered the questions: How can you make processes repeatable? How to use emerging technologies to build fully functional infrastructure in an automated fashion? To do so, they went through the following points: 

  • Modular Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
  • Infrastructure Lifecycle Management with Terragrunt
  • Release Management and community-driven Infrastructure as Code with GitHub
  • Production check-list and patterns for automation
  • Technology landscape and emerging trends in this space

The workshop has a very practical format, including hands-on engineering exercises. 

Feedback from the participants

Wojciech, Maciej and Mateusz did a wonderful job. The workshop gained great feedback from the participants!

Huge knowledge of the trainers, lots of inspiration!

A very nice introduction to Terraform, interspersed with interesting facts and good practices. Everything was well thought out. If you haven’t dealt with Azure before, you shouldn’t have any problems with the exercises. Also, a well-balanced theoretical part.

Very good presentation of the topic, the new technology is no longer mysterious to me.

I really liked the hands-on approach to the workshop

Highlights from the #VLteam

Maciej Gołaszewski

Being the first-timer at the Cloudyna conference, I really liked having the workshop there. Because of running it, I didn’t have much time to listen to speeches, but I enjoyed interacting with our workshop’s participants. They gained knowledge about Terraform, Terragrunt and Azure during the course. 

Wojciech Guzik

I was surprised by the scale of the Cloudyna conference and its quality in a very positive way. Our all-day workshops took most of my attention. We definitely got ups and downs, yet I am happy we were able to conduct our training. I came back home full of ideas on how to improve our presentation and practical part. And with a good feeling that what we do is needed and people can benefit from it.

Bartek Antoniak

Cloudyna is, without a doubt, at the top of my list of cloud-related events held in Poland. I had the opportunity to interact with community members, discuss challenges and find out how the world of cloud computing is changing. I’m delighted that even more people expressed interest in participating in our workshops than we could fit in a space! It’s definitely a hint that this area has a big potential, so we will keep working on this!

Green VL booth

As a Platinum Partner of Cloudyna, we were also fully engaged in promoting VirtusLab at the company’s stand. We had a solid #VLteam representation: Magdalena Mokrogulska, Weronika Flak, Sylwia Gracz (our Talent Acquisition team), Mikołaj Karebski (Cloud Engineer) and Bartek Antoniak (Head of Cloud). Thanks to everyone who chatted with us, it was really nice to meet you. Hope to see you again, already at VirtusLab! 😉

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Weronika Flak
Weronika Flak Junior IT Talent Acquisition Specialist Oct 18, 2022