Front-End Enterprise Experience – An architecture for every scale business

Below article describes the front-end architecture we created. FEEA is the right choice for every scale business. The framework didn’t materialize just now, it’s an output of years of experience with enterprise delivery we’ve managed.


Reasons behind the creation of Enterprise Architecture for Front-End applications

A number of companies, not important how big and agile, started to invest in their own, built in-house software solutions that support their daily routines, reduce operating costs or increase revenue.

What if it does not have to be a single solution but the whole internal ecosystem? Building it without well-designed, scalable and understandable architecture (which is step ahead) is a short-sighted concept as the future is not defined & known.

Building software based on a Front-End Enterprise Architecture (FEEA) significantly increases the tech value and secures your business being in these digital times.

Core concepts

Front-End Enterprise Architecture is based on 4 concepts that joint together gives End-to-End solution that secures, scales, pulls & pushes large amounts of data.

Security First

Each software solution has to aim at relevant security levels to the end-users, which is impossible to fulfill when based only on the client-side. One of the FEEA principals is a Back-End For Front-End (B4F) layer which validates, hashes & secures all the communication between the end-user and downstream systems or APIs using JWT or trusted providers with Single Sign-On.

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Even a small company thinks about scaling itself. If the software won’t follow the same path at some point, it also won’t be efficient enough to support expected growth. Environment and hardware independence, and as result scalability, is the main advantage of Cloud-Native and Kubernetes based on which the FEEA is run.

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Each solution should be designed taking into account the subsequent maintenance and transfer of knowledge between the supplier, which must not necessarily be an external company that will continuously participate in the development of the created system. Easily maintained and well-engineered architecture is a crucial factor here. Proposed Front-End Enterprise Architecture uses common technologies and libraries combined into understandable and clean End-to-End concepts that might be used in multiple different solutions and domains at once. Such an approach gives the ability to distribute responsibility and knowledge across a number of independent teams without restricting their scope to the apps they own.


In the ecosystem of in-house applications that cover a number of areas in separation one of the key things that might evolve into different directions depending on the purpose. With properly defined integration interface a package as a plugin approach becomes a powerful solution that gives unlimited options for extensions and system mutations.

Scale your business with us! Get access to full reference architecture.

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