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We are starting a cycle that describes our great teams and devs standing behind them. They create & engineer the best software, helping our customers grow faster. They work hard to push the frontier of technology and improve their efficiency. They are up to date with the newest trends and are actively shaping the future of software engineering. They are ambitious, self-motivated, and are experts in their domain areas.


Meet The Location Team!

Our customer is a top global retailer, having shops in multiple locations in many countries across the globe. The Location Team, as the name suggests, deals with providing services for our client on all available locations details – locations, opening hours, additional amenities e.g. for people with disabilities (i.e. whether the door opens by itself if the assistance dog can enter the shop with the client), whether there is wifi, etc. These data are issued using microservices in the form of UI for e.g. employees. Similarly, it is also used as information useful for people interested in purchasing things from our client (they can see it on Google, Facebook, or at the official client’s website).

The team creates one basic microservice based on Rest, where they expose resources. The website is reactive.


  • Java 11
  • Vert.x Framework
  • RxJava
  • MongoDB -database
  • Kotlin
  • Spock


  • ReactJS
  • Node.js
  • Typescript
  • Javascript
  • Wiremock

There is also a small amount of legacy code work (but only 5-10%).

The team is a full-stack team whose members specialize in a specific area, but also develops skills from different ones to have a broader picture. The team is characterized by business and technological autonomy (mainly working with new technologies). They have earned great trust with the client due to the very high level of services that they offered. Putting a strong emphasis on quality, not quantity is their motto.

The Location Team solves problems that are actually crucial from the point of view of our client’s functioning, and the solutions they create visibly improve their services. Recently, the big challenge they had to face was the transition to AWS from Azure (an opportunity for IaaC transfer)

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The team consists of 9 amazing developers. Get to know them better now!


My job is to make sure everyone is happy and the quality of what we deliver is as high as possible. My passion is both the products we create and the technologies that drive them. If I have to name one specific interest it would be creating clean and effective code and modularise architecture principles. I spend most of my free time taking care of my daughter. When a have some spare time I like reading about psychology, philosophy and other high-level concepts. Also solving logical puzzles.


As a software engineer, I am primarily responsible for delivering requirements from scratch to production. My responsibilities include collecting information for a sprint task I have chosen, writing code (frontend, backend and DevOps), testing my changes in various environments, and implementing these changes in the environment. I feel good at Microservices written in JVM. I would also like to expand my knowledge of DDD and Event Sourcing. In my spare time, I play computer games, play sports (Crossfit, jogging, bike, etc.) and spend time with animals.


I am a senior software engineer, I do everything from fixing bugs to implementing new business functionality. Domain-Driven Design is my thing and stuff around it. Sometimes I watch conference presentations, read articles and books on technical topics.


I’m a software development engineer and I develop the software 😉 Delivering new features to our consumers, working on performance and high availability – these are the things I do at work. Diversification is a way to avoid boredom! My tech interests changed a lot over time. Mobile apps were at the beginning, then came swarm intelligence and now I’m really happy with engineering highly available distributed systems. I share my free time with home brewing, retro video games, popular science books and pneumatic firearms replicas.


Senior software engineer. I’m in a small pop-up team responsible for infrastructure modernization and application performance improvements. We have two goals:
– massively improve our infrastructure, from static, hard to scale workloads on VMs (AWS) to container-based, autoscaled workloads on Kubernetes (Azure)
– make our application withstand 10 000 RPS in peak without sacrificing cost-effectiveness
Lately, I am interested in distributed systems and building modern cloud infrastructure. I closely follow the DevOps community, and constantly learn about the complex Cloud Native world. Big names in my toolbox: Azure, Kubernetes, Terraform. I love sports. Primarily, soccer and jogging. Playing soccer and keeping a distance is impossible, so I jog almost every day :). I also enjoy music production and make beats from time to time.


I am a senior software engineer, I design and create software mainly in Java and Java-like languages. I feel the best at Groovy language and Spring framework. In my spare time, I play computer and board games and listen to music.


I am a software engineer and in my daily work, I focus on taking a part in designing, creating and maintaining programming solutions for a given client. I am mainly interested in JVM (Kotlin, Java) and CI/CD technologies and I would like to improve my knowledge on these subjects. In my free time, I like watching movies and serials, playing computer games and train fencing with a saber from time to time.


I’m a senior software developer in the Location team and my job is to develop, support and take part in designing the service. Writing and reviewing code takes the biggest chunk of time, but self-development on a wide range of topics never stops in my Team.  I don’t feel a real expert in any technology but I fluently use many, e.g. JVM, Java, Kotlin, Groovy, RxJava, Vertx, Javascript, Typescript, React, AWS. I definitely want to expand my knowledge in Cloud Native applications, Kubernetes and later dive into Kafka and eventing. I play acoustic guitar in a band called Box Anima, check out our music here! I also like gobbling up tech news and love watching YT channels about science.


I’m a senior software engineer, I work on the development and maintenance of a microservice responsible for providing data about locations. Currently, I am dealing with the separation of the second microservice and the migration between AWS and Azure. From technological interests: DDD and software development providing the best solution to customer needs. In my spare time, I like jogging listening to a good book, sailing.

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Fancy joining the Location Team? We are looking for software engineers! See our open positions here & do not hesitate and contact us for more details 😉 

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Karolina Łagodzka Oct 14, 2020