Meet us at the ScalaCon 2021!

The season for tech events and conferences is in a full swing for our #VLteam, next on our schedule – ScalaCon 2021!


ScalaCon is a collaborative project curated by the folks behind Scala eXchange and Scala Days (in which we’ve been participating for years). In their plans for 2021, there are two conferences packed with over 43 talks, networking opportunities, and a space for talking about our Scala language, its past, present, and future!

The spring edition of the event will last 4 days (May 18th – 21st) and will showcase a wide range of topics from Scala 3 Macros, through Functional WebSockets to 3 Type System and many more. 

VirtusLab x ScalaCon

During the ScalaCon, you can meet us by our Sponsor booth and also listen and ask questions to our representatives who will take over the virtual event stage on Day 3 (May 20th). 

Our CTO Paweł Dolega together with Scala 3 Team Lead – Krzysztof Romanowski will have a talk on a topic: Scala’s Future As Seen By Virtuslab’s Scala 3 Team

This presentation will cover a sneak peek of our plans and challenges in terms of Scala 3. Paweł and Krzysiek will also share how we’re going to support companies and organizations that are willing to migrate to Scala 3 and what we think are the crucial areas that are slowing Scala adoption in the business world. 

At VirtusLab, we deeply care for the future of Scala and its ecosystem. We build a full team to work together with Martin Oderksy, EPFL, and Scala Center to make Scala and its ecosystem friendly, inclusive, and productive. We are an official team that stands behind the Scala 3 release and provides commercial support for it. We intensively co-create significant Scala’s tools, libraries and frameworks, such as Metals, Scala3doc, Dotty, ScalaNative, Scala compiler and many more! Contributing to open source solutions and improving the dev’s efficiency has been our goal for years.

Join us at ScalaCon 2021 on May 20th to find out more!

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Ula Cempura
Ula Cempura May 14, 2021