Meet us there! Online tech events we’re attending in June

Summer is getting closer and with it our next events, which we are running online due to the coronavirus situation. Stay safe at home & enjoy the opportunity to expand your knowledge!



WHEN: 05.06 (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
WHERE: Online
WHAT: All-day event about Kotlin

Due to the COVID-19, the organizers of Kotliners conference have decided to reimagine the event and launch it online. This is the designated meeting point for Kotliners all around the globe, invited speakers are experts, who will talk about the present and future of the Kotlin ecosystem. Among them, our VirtusLab’s specialist – Paweł Marks and his speech:

“New Dokka – Designed for Fearless Creativity”

Pluggability is hard. Many software projects avoid it by all means possible. Many try to contain it in the smallest possible scope. We believe that developers are creative and have specific requirements for their documentation engine. Some of them want to be able to render their docs in javadoc-compatible format. Some of them want features like a full-text search or runnable code snippets inside of the docs. And there are some that need features that we’ve never even thought about. To satisfy all of them, we decided to embrace full pluggability. And we decided to make pluggability fearless, so anyone can mix and match existing plugins or easily create new ones from scratch, without the fear of breaking anything.

In my talk, I would like to tell you how we decided to redesign and reimplement Dokka from scratch. I will introduce you to all the dangers and risks of pluggability and tell you how we mitigated them by design, grounded in strong guarantees. Finally, I want to show how easily and how much you can do with your old, boring documentation using new Dokka.

You can still purchase your ticket here!

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WHEN: 16.06 (5:30 PM to 9:30 PM)
WHERE: Online platform
WHAT: #2 – Kotlin, Cloud, Scala

Another online session is coming! This time it branches into three parallel sessions about Kotlin, Cloud, and Scala, giving you the opportunity to learn, share, and connect with specialists and enthusiasts from different software backgrounds. Stay home and virtually meet specialists representing 47 Degrees, Lightbend and more, sharing their lessons learned and best practices. Don’t miss the opportunity to chat with them in the Discussion Panel and get to know other IT people specializing in various fields of technology during Networking.

Join us on June 16th to hear from our top-seniority experts in Kotlin Ecosystem, Cloud-Native Applications Development, and Scala Dev Tooling.

image for article: Meet us there! Online tech events we’re attending in June

image for article: Meet us there! Online tech events we’re attending in June

image for article: Meet us there! Online tech events we’re attending in June #2 is completely free – learn more & save your spot here!


WHEN: 18.06 (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM)
WHERE: Online
WHAT: Testing – Love, Hate, Love

We use opportunities of the Internet to connect with the befriended group from Rzeszów – RJUG (also led by #VLteam) at our next meeting. Meetup’s abstract:

“TDD leads to good design” – they said.
“Don’t mock”
“Tests are a sign of compliance with the craftmanship ethos”
“You must have 100% coverage”
“The testing pyramid says you need to have more unit tests than integration tests”
And so on…

In this presentation, using the example of code, we’ll deal with popular opinions (and some myths) about automated testing. There will be a lot of live coding, some slides, and, of course, discussions. Both senior and junior should find something for themselves!

Do not forget to register!

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WHEN: 30.06 (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM)
WHERE: Online
WHAT: 1. Recommendations = optimization (prediction) 2. Suggestions for retraining for Data Science 3. Why Data Science does not work?

The next online meetup is coming! Our first speaker will tell you why optimization is prioritized over machine learning algorithms when it comes to practical business problems. The story will be based on practical examples of projects, tools, and experience in providing hybrid solutions based on optimization and prediction.

The second presentation will be addressed to everyone who wants to retrain to work in Data Science. It will be divided into two parts – in the first, we will learn about career building as a Data Scientist of one of the speakers. In the second part, we will talk about alternative career paths, similar to DS, and their pros and cons.

Data Science is still one of the leading trends in IT. There is a reason – the vision of turning data into business improvement is tempting, but in practice, the results often deviate from expectations … Why is this happening? Is the idea of Data Science wrong in its definition? Is the reason the lack of people who really combine hacking, statistics, and domain knowledge? Or is it a problem of inflation expectations? We will try to find out in the presentation of the third speaker. He will talk about his adventures with Data Science, show how to recognize the early signs of various problems, and try to answer the question of why Data Science does not work (and how to make it work!).

Remember to register!

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Natalia Romanowska Jun 4, 2020