Meet us there! Online tech events we’re attending in May

Stay safe at home & enjoy the opportunity to expand your knowledge thanks to the events we will be hosting in May!


Jenkins Online Meetup

WHEN: 11.05 (5 p.m. – 6:15 p.m.)
WHERE: Online
WHAT: Jenkins Operator for Kubernetes

We are happy to invite you to Jenkins Online Meetup, a virtual group for Jenkins users and developers, with 3585 members from around the world. During this event, our Senior Cloud Engineer, Tomasz Sęk, will give a speech about Jenkins Operator for Kubernetes. This presentation will explain how the operator pattern helps to manage Jenkins in Kubernetes. We will take a look at the operator pattern and its use cases. Then we will go through day-to-day operations automation that the operator provides like deployment, configuration, and repair of a Jenkins instance.

After this presentation, you will know how a non-cloud native application can be run in an immutable, scalable, and secure way.

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WHEN: 12.05 (5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.)
WHERE: Online
WHAT: – frontend engineering #1

While we’re waiting for 2020 to be back, we proudly invite you to join our tech-oriented online sessions – Micro.sphere 2020 – giving the community a unique sneak-peek of what we’re planning for this October.

In May, join Frontend microsphere – content-packed session with top-seniority experts in frontend development. Learn about innovative tools and hear about problem-solving methods that have revolutionized the approach to modern styling and data visualization. Hear about new development paradigms and best practices to the frontend, as well as the most advanced frameworks allowing to build Scalable Architecture.

Be part of this exciting virtual experience, with the benefits of a regular conference, delivered directly to your homes!

On the agenda:

  • Webpack 5 Module Federation – by Zack Jackson
  • Sidewind – Tailwind but for the state – by Juho Vepsäläinen
  • Interactive maps in 30 lines of code – by Marko Letic
    … and more → here

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Kielce Java User Group

WHEN: 28.05
WHERE: Online

Talk #1 “TBD” by Jakub Nabrdalik

Solution architect with 17 years of hands-on commercial experience including microservices, Azure, Java/C#/Groovy/Kotlin, managing an IT branch, and leading teams. Teaching architecture, Domain-Driven Design, distributed systems, Test/Behavior Driven Development, and Spring for the last 10 years. More than 70 talks, 100 workshops, and a lot of long-running systems on production. Ex WJUG, WGUG, Spring Labs leader, in Devoxx PL programme committee responsible for Architecture path.

Abstract soon – stay tuned!

Written by

Natalia Romanowska
Natalia Romanowska May 8, 2020