micro.sphere.it #4 – Scala

Join Scala specialists during the fourth micro.sphere.it meeting and hear about their latest work hacks and lessons learned!


Our first micro.sphere.it online session was dedicated to frontend engineering, second to Kotlin, Scala, and Cloud, third was about Data & Artificial Intelligence. It was a pleasure to meet with all of the participants and invited experts. Special thanks to them for sharing their knowledge with us!

micro.sphere.it #4

We are not slowing down, micro.sphere.it#4 is coming, hosted online on Tuesday, September 15 at 5:30 PM!

This time we have invited real technology rockstars to share their latest accomplishments and news from Scala Ecosystem – including the development of Scala 3 and its future.

On the agenda:

The presentation by Martin Odersky 

We’re more than happy that none other than Martin Odersky himself agreed to join this micro.sphere.it.

I give a quick status report where we are with Scala 3. What is the current status? What remains to be done? Who is contributing to the effort?
I’ll also give some initial thoughts about how Scala will evolve after 3.0 is out.

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Infrastructure as Types by Paweł Prażak, Cloud Architect @ VirtusLab

With Infrastructure as Code gaining popularity what can be the next step?
What if we could leverage a strongly typed programming language?
In this talk I’ll show you Infrastructure as Types proof of concept written in Scala.

Paweł Prażak – particularly interested in distributed computing and security. After years of writing backend, middleware software and infrastructure automation, his current focus is DevOpsSec and Cloud Native platforms. He dreams of replacing himself with software. Addicted to Twitter and coffee.

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Exploring Type-Level Programming in Scala by Jorge Vάsquez, Software developer @ Scalac

In this introduction to type-level programming in Scala, we are going to discuss how we can leverage the full power of the type system to verify domain properties of an application at compile-time, instead of doing runtime verifications at the value-level

Software developer focused on the backend. He had the chance to work with several technologies and programming languages across different industries, such as Telco, AdTech, and Online Education.

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Karolina Hojka
Karolina Hojka Sep 2, 2020