Sphere.it conference is back!

The Sphere.it conference rounds up software engineers from around the world to Krakow, PL. Have a sneak peek at the Sphere.it 2022 edition.


Our flagship event Sphere.it 2022 conference, is back live and in-person. Expect the speakers and sessions to be bold.

Sphere.it conference is all about community and technology.

VirtusLab runs one of the most recognizable community and tech-driven events to connect people and ideas that change the IT world. Sphere.it events have gathered over 4000 people (online & offline) since its beginnings in Krakow in 2015.

Sphere.it’s mission has always been to look beyond the horizon to inspire IT people, focusing on state-of-the-art technology and solutions to developers’ problems. It’s a conference that provokes you to make a positive change in building software systems, allowing you to learn, share and connect.

The pandemic forced us to run our events online only, but as soon as it had ended, we couldn’t help coming back with a live event to connect with our community in person. Nothing tastes better than meeting like-minded IT practitioners and peers over a nice drink with a view of Krakow’s Wawel Castle.

Sphere.it conference 2022: what to expect?

The 2022 edition on 20-21 September centers on connecting and inspiring. We will dive into the latest challenges & opportunities in building modern software systems. This year’s edition is about reconnecting with tech experts at the 100% offline event hosted in Krakow’s Manggha Museum.

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Day one will start in the afternoon with lightning talks and a keynote to turn into an evening after-party. Day two will showcase a lineup of talks – get ready for interdisciplinary topics delivered by professionals from cloud-native architectures, data engineering & data science, developer tooling, frontend engineering, and UX area.

Tickets at the regular price are available only until August 30th. For groups 3-5, there’s a 10% discount, and for the students – 50%. See ticket options»

Explore Sphere.it 2022 speakers & topics

When it comes to people, we are really lucky! Sphere.it 2022 edition joined already:

🎙️Daniel Spiewak, Principal Engineer @ Disney Streaming, with a topic: Threads at Scale.

🎙️Weronika Dranka, Data Scientist @ Unit8, with a topic: DARTS – Unifying time series forecasting.

🎙️Bartłomiej Płotka, Principal Engineer @ Red Hat, with a topic: Clouds are not Free: Guide to Observability – Driven Efficiency Optimizations.

🎙️Rory Graves, Staff Software Engineer @ The Trade Desk, with a topic: A software engineer in the land of data scientists.

🎙️Mikołaj Klaman, Senior Software Engineer @ VirtusLab with a topic: How I gained from gracing the world with yet another NPM package

… and more! Click here for the full agenda

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Join Sphere.it 2022 conference to share experiences and network at this two-day event in Krakow. Learn from your peers at the keynote and lightning talks. Mingle over relaxing music, snacks, and drinks during the evening after-party.

Who’s with us this September? 😎

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Ula Cempura
Ula Cempura Aug 24, 2022