We give back to the community. How & why we support local tech communities?

At VirtusLab we realize how important is to share knowledge and exchange experience, especially between the nearest tech community. That’s why we collaborate with local universities, run meet-up groups, workshops, trainings and once a year organize a big IT conference. We also contribute to open source projects by creating various tools that improve developers’ daily work.

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Why do we support local tech communities?

At VirtusLab we are constantly recognizing the amazing IT people we have in our local communities and bringing them together. Our contribution to the tech community began in 2010 and since then we successfully run 9 meetup groups in Kraków, Kielce, and Rzeszów and also support many others. We really value events that gather together tech people living in the same city. Here are 3 the most important reasons why:

1. Sharing knowledge

Small tech events are about to meet people with similar tech interests, experts from a wide range of IT fields and to listen to excellent tech talks. Meetups are also a perfect place to show what you have made & how that can help others. Being able to share how one solved a problem or collaborate together to develop a solution feels really worthwhile. Additionally, joint hacking, joint work on open source projects etc. – this all contribute to the creation of a networking space where state-of-the-art software technologies are promoted and ideas are exchanged. It’s worth mentioning that all of this is not only for professionals with many years of experience because we also help beginners to start.

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2. Being up-to-date

IT is such a fast-moving industry that innovation happens at a much quicker rate than any other industry. Thanks to meetups you can learn about these innovations and then use them in your daily work before others would do that. All of this happens regularly and (most importantly) completely free of charge!

3. Connecting in real life

Creating strong relationships during tech events will help build a valuable network and generate business opportunities. Thanks to meetings and joint discussions, synergy & inspiration are created. Besides, working in IT means looking at the computer for a long time, so it is good to get off and listen to a nice talk and discuss it later over a drink.

How we support local tech communities?

VirtusLab is proudly creating & supporting many local tech initiatives, including meetups, workshops, hackathons. We are helping not only in organizational issues (renting space, equipment, photo/video reports, drinks & snacks), we also distribute various licences and information about tech events which we support and keep our members updated via social media channels. However, first and foremost we are providing substantive support. Our highly professional employees are the core of chambers of each meetup group. They do their best to find and contact interesting speakers and invite them to our events. VirtusLab usually covers lecturers’ expenses for travel and accommodation. We also encourage our employees to share knowledge about, for instance, Scala or Java news, Machine Learning, Data Science issues, or the latest tools that VL teams invent to improve devs’ daily work. Thanks to that they are practicing their public speaking skills so it’s profitable for everyone.

Our diverse community is home to thousands of members. See below tech groups that we are running!

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Kraków Scala User Group – 1507 members
Kraków TypeScript User Group – 578 members
Kotlin Kraków User Group – 626 members
Kraków IoT – 755 members
Machine Learning Kraków – 444 members
Kraków Cloud Native Group – 529 members


Kielce Java User Group – 488 members


Data Science Rzeszów – 259 members
Rzeszów Java User Group – 478 members

And the ones that we’re supporting:

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js Kielce

We invite you to join groups that interested you to be up-to-date with all free tech events that we are launching! Let’s meet up 😉

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Kasia Pytko May 13, 2020