Ambient Intelligence platform for manufactures

Powerful processors, modern sensors and high definition cameras can provide data from all parts of the manufactures. Collected data can be used for real-time monitoring or sophisticated algorithms which helps managers make the right decisions based on the knowledge.


The customer

Small and medium manufacturing companies, especially companies that undertake the multi-stage serial production of steels, papers, textiles, plastics, gums, etc.

The problem

Some manufacturing companies are only able to monitor machines; they cannot control them automatically because these machines have to be controlled by people. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) remain too expensive for companies to monitor all the key parameters of production processes, such as linear production rate or the number of production items per hour. Furthermore, old machines don’t connect to PLC easily. Therefore, manufacturers need a solution which helps them integrate production environments with intelligent systems more cheaply.

The solution

We created dedicated devices that allow the complete monitoring of machines’ parameters. The solution can read signals directly from production machines. The device does not require any other hardware besides a server to collect data in a central database. The solution supports measurements of parameters from all kinds of machines by different connectors or sensors. Collected data can be used in software (our web-based lean manufacturing management solution) for automatic, multi-stage production planning, real-time production monitoring and adjustment of production plans.


The solution currently supports a few manufacturers in real-time monitoring and helps managers make the right decisions based on the collected knowledge. In terms of measuring and visualizing data, the system provides a solution for production control and enables appropriate action to be taken in response to given parameters in order to optimize processes.

Powerful processors, modern sensors and high-definition cameras are able to register the data needed for further optimization of production processes. Technologies can be introduced in offices, production machines, inventory control or transportation services. Collected data can be used for real-time monitoring or the creation of advanced algorithms.

Sebastian, Head of Product

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