Scala IDE – a contribution to the ecosystem

Both ScalaIDE and Eclipse Kotlin Plugin are stable and ready to use IDEs bases on Eclipse platform.


One of the areas in which we cooperate with Lightbend is Scala tooling.

Scala is a complex language and developing and maintaining a fully-functional IDE is not an easy task. In this part of Europe, we are the first partner of Lightbend (previously Typesafe), the company behind Scala. Our open-source involvement in the Scala IDE (mainly the creation of the expression evaluator for Scala IDE’s debugger) resulted in our cooperation. We started by getting involved with the development of Scala IDE and were gradually handed more and more

The result

The project was quite a challenge. Despite limited resources, our team found time to innovate and experiment in areas such as an asynchronous debugger, and we also made Scala IDE an effective platform for developing reactive applications.

VirtusLab has an exceptionally passionate and dedicated team of developers. Their work on ScalaIDE is a tremendous contribution to the ecosystem in an area that is often overlooked in the open-source space: development tools.

Iulian Dragoș
Co-founder of Triplequote,
Former Tech Lead for Spark team @ Lightbend, Inc.

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