How to switch from PHP to Java and why it’s worth it?

Java programming is one of the most sought-after skills in the IT market. From this interview, you will learn how to switch from PHP to Java and why it's a good decision.

Back in time – Summer Internship 2021 at VirtusLab


How do we interview for Cloud Engineering positions?


VirtusLab career guide: How to get started in Cloud Engineering

When kicking off a new career path, we often find ourselves asking: how do we take the first step? Where do we find the resources to deep dive into the topic? What tools are the most useful? At this stage, guidance from people experienced in the field can be a great help.

Going hybrid: Meet the future of work!

Make your tech dreams come true with VirtusLab!


Get to know better #VLteam! – The Address Team

Meet the Address Team responsible for storing and providing information about all kinds of addresses, wherever our client (a top global retailer) delivers orders.

Get to know better #VLteam! – The Data Team

How to flourish in a distributed project – a guide for the augmented team

How to become a future #VLintern

Thinking about applying for an internship to get some experience under your belt? Make sure you know how to do it right! Here, after years of experience in conducting interviews with interns, we have prepared some tips that will help you in joining VirtusLab! Most of them are universal, so keep them in mind for all recruitment processes you will attend.
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