What does data transformation enable data analysts to accomplish?

Read everything about data transformation encompassing SQL, GUI, Scala and Python, to get clean and structured data for your decision-making process. We delve into the technology and which is best for what project.

Cloud security policies in GCP: How to set them up using Terraform


How to set up a Bazel testing configuration: The comprehensive guide for Scala and Java

#Bazel #java #Scala

How to mine Scala 3 compiler metadata using TASTy files

Learn how we leveraged Scala 3's decompiler to mine compiler metadata with TASTy files, streamlining data gathering in 150 code lines.

E2e infrastructure testing in Terraform: How to make scripts reproducible and reliable

#cloud #e2e-testing #Terraform

Large Language Models: How to use open source alternatives to ChatGPT for Scala documentation


The Scala 3 compatibility story

No programming language can succeed long-term without strong stability guarantees. Scala 3 takes this seriously, giving you excellent backward output compatibility and ensuring your code will work in future versions without changes.

Application extensibility in the Google Cloud ecosystem


Is Hadoop still relevant: Is it our future, or does it belong to the past?

#cloud #programming

What is the difference between Scala runner and Scala CLI

A sneak peek at the new scala runner, Scala CLI, including a comparison to its predecessor and a showcase of the tool.
#programming #Scala
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