Multi-Context Content Delivery – An Enterprise headless content delivery

There has come a time in every company when applications had developed to such an extent that a common content management solution is needed. It’s crucial to choose a proper one, which fits current requirements, but also will be ready for future growth.

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The future of Scaladoc

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Migrating a gigantic financial system to 20,000 pods in the cloud.

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Cryptocurrencies Revisited: A Different Approach

Is it possible to create a cryptocurrency that would independent from governments, but at the same time efficient, easy to use, fair to create, and resistant to bubbles? What changes in the current approach would that require?

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How to write Hoogle for Kotlin in Scala (and Scala.js)

Cryptocurrencies Rethought: Taking A Step Back

Creating IntelliJ plugin with WebView

In this post, we would like to show how to create a simple plugin for IntelliJ with JCEF, the new WebView framework. In our company, we use it to build such tools as GraphBuddy or CodeTale. The first one is already released, the second one we are still working on in our R&D team. It is a plugin to your IDE, which enables you to browse comments from pull requests.

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VirtusLab’s Scala 3 cooperation update

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Metals with Scala 3

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Operator Service for Jenkins on Azure

Get to know Operator Service for Jenkins – the right way of running scalable, immutable, and secure Jenkins in your organization. Now available on Azure Marketplace to get you started within minutes with a world-class CI/CD solution.

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