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What does the New York underground have to do with a legacy system?
What to do when the maintenance costs of a large and powerful legacy system swallow up all available resources? You switch – after investing a lot of money – to a pure maintenance mode. That’s what our customer did, and what New York City underground has doing since 1940! But for our client, however, we solved the problem.
Legacy systems often come with incredible complexity. How to resolve this for modernisation?
Our goal was not to entirely rewrite our client’s system but a true modernization. We aimed to unlock new, long-run opportunities for our partner. To do that, we had to not only understand the customer’s IT landscape, but also how their business works. Our solution required a scalpel, not a shotgun.
What is Indiana Jones doing in an article about digital transformation?
How do you “observe” a system that was created ages ago, before “observability” was ever a thing? By performing some archeological work, truly Indiana Jones-style. What that meant for us read in our story about #DX
How to? Transformation of still vital legacy systems seen as open-heart surgery
Our client was no longer able to map the inflexible legacy system in the face of competition and new regulations on the horizon. The conditions needed a much more agile system. However, the complexity required a step-by-step approach. We had to operate so that the patient would have survived – we had to modernise the system while keeping it alive. It was like an open-heart surgery.
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