Let’s meet at Scala Days

05.06.2023 at 09:00 GMT-7
Bell Harbor International Conference Center on Pier 66, Seattle

We are excited to participate in Scala Days Seattle, eagerly anticipating its arrival with the rest of the Scala Community. Our team is enthusiastic about reconnecting, actively listening to challenges, deeply understanding the problem space, and collaboratively exploring solutions for open-source and industrial projects.

What you can expect from Scala Days Seattle

At Scala Days, we will showcase the future of the Scala language and its vibrant ecosystem. This event offers us the perfect platform to ignite enthusiasm for Scala and its continuous evolution, allowing us to share our passion with fellow Scala devotees. 

Why is VirtusLab at Scala Days Seattle

Scala Days Seattle provides a valuable opportunity to connect with the Scala community. Engaging in discussions, networking, and sharing insights with fellow Scala enthusiasts is at the core of our participation. We are eager to shed light on the future of Scala, discussing the latest advancements, emerging trends, and exciting possibilities within the language and its ecosystem. 

We are committed to being accessible and responsive to the community, ready to answer any questions, address concerns, and provide valuable guidance. Our presence at Scala Days 2023 is a testament to our dedication to the Scala community and our passion for driving its continued growth and success.

Recently we created a dedicated place – Scala Space where you can learn about our tooling, OSS, and the ecosystems that we help build, use, and participate in. 

Let’s meet

We anticipate the opportunity to connect with professionals from the Scala Community at Scala Days Seattle. Our team of experts will be at our Scala Space stand throughout the event, ready to share knowledge about open-source projects and shape Scala’s future. 

We extend a warm invitation to visit our stand at Scala Days, where you can discover more about our projects. Through our dedicated efforts, we have made substantial progress in improving the stability of Scala 3’s inaugural LTS release. We are deeply committed to making Scala more accessible for beginners, as we believe this is vital for fostering the growth of the Scala community and propelling the Scala ecosystem forward.

We eagerly await the chance to exchange valuable information and collaborate with you.

Written by

Sebastian Synowiec
Sebastian Synowiec May 25, 2023