RJUG #28: Kotlin z perspektywy programisty Javy

12.01.2021 at 19:00 GMT+1
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­čôŹ RJUG #28 “Kotlin from the Java programmer’s perspective”

This meetup will be conducted in polish.

Kotlin has been implemented by many companies in production for years. It can be used without realizing how much is going on beneath the cover. The aim of the presentation is to learn about the implementation of selected elements of the language, which are not yet in Java (or at least its older versions), and which are still interoperable with it. Decompiled code fragments, interesting memory allocations, generated methods will be analysed.

Some of the topics discussed:
– primitive and reference types and “null safety”.
– functions – infix, extension, default and named parameters
– new visibility modifiers
– default methods in interfaces
– sealed classes
– accompanying objects
– classical design patterns supported by language syntax

The presentation will be given by Łukasz, an engineer at VirtusLab, and member of the team creating the identity management and fraud detection platform. Professionally, he is interested in DDD, reactive cloud systems running on JVM, and streaming. In his free time, he does sports and learns new technologies.

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Jakub Lange
Jakub Lange Dec 30, 2020