Sphere.it Tech Talks #5 – Runtime Safety of Akka & Trust Driven Development

23.11.2021 at 18:00 GMT+2
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For the November session of our tech talks series, we’ve invited three guest speakers to share a word with our Sphere.it community. 

The first topic will be all about the runtime safety of #Akka & the serialization toolbox for Akka messages. The latter will focus on optimizing lead time for your changes via Trust Driven Development. On Tuesday, Nov 23rd you’ll meet with Tomasz Manugiewicz (General Manager at Grand Parade Poland), Paweł Lipski & Marcin Złakowski (Software Developers at VirtusLab). The session will be hosted by Szymon Fugas. 

Event plan: 

  • 6:00 PM: Serialization toolbox for Akka messages, events and persistent state that helps achieve compile-time guarantee on serializability by Paweł Lipski & Marcin Złakowski

Every message leaving a JVM boundary in Akka needs to be serialized first. However, the existing solutions for serialization in Scala leave a lot of room for runtime failures that are NOT reported in compile time. We’re glad to introduce Akka Serialization Helper, a toolkit including a Circe-based, runtime-safe serializer and a set of Scala compiler plugins to counteract the common caveats when working with Akka serialization.

  • 6:30 PM: TDD Trust Driven Development. How to break the silos between Dev, Ops, and Change Management teams and shorten Lead Time for your Changes by Tomasz Manugiewicz

We all know that Software Development Lifecycle can be a complicated process. We are usually good at identifying bottlenecks and we have tools like Value Stream Mapping to visualize them. We are often able to remove some of the barriers by adjusting the process itself. There are also some impediments that can be removed only by building trust across Development, Operations, and Change Management teams. During my talk, I will shine the light on how to build trust between these teams, break the silos and accelerate the delivery of our product.

  • 7:00 PM: Q&A 
  • 7:30 PM: Networking on Airmeet



Paweł Lipski | Software Developer at VirtusLab

Scala/DevOps Engineer at VirtusLab, with an inclination towards automating software development processes. 

Currently maintaining VirtusLab open source projects: git-machete, aka “probably the sharpest git repository organizer & rebase workflow automation tool you’ve ever seen”, git-machete-IntelliJ-plugin and working on the alpha version of Akka-serialization-helper.

Marcin Złakowski | Software Developer at VirtusLab

A Computer Science student and a Scala Developer at VirtusLab. Waiting for generics to be reified.

Tomasz Manugiewicz | General Manager at Grand Parade Poland

Tomek is an Agile enthusiast and Coach, Engineer at heart. Former Engineering Manager, Scrum Master and Software Developer. Tomek conducted his first Agile Transformation in 2009. He worked for various international IT companies and lived in Vienna, Toronto, and the Isle of Man. Passionate about how people relations influence Software Development. He uses his empathy, connectedness, and restorative talents (based on Gallup’s taxonomy) to help development teams boost their productivity and individual well-being.

He is known for giving others a sense of comfort and stability in the face of uncertainty. His ability to link together the facts and dots gives him a feeling that he would have been a good doctor or detective – he is happy that he decided to study Computer Science though. Tomek loves skiing, biking, and sailing. Recently he has started his journey as a lecturer at AGH University of Science and Technology leading courses he designed for future engineers.



Any questions to Paweł, Marcin, or Tomasz will be welcome during the Q&A part, you can already think of what you’d like to discuss!

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Ula Cempura
Ula Cempura Nov 17, 2021