Our Google Cloud Expertise

Kubernetes ecosystem

We provide production-ready Kubernetes infrastructure and operate it efficiently at scale. Ensure compatibility and integrations with existing technologies and production in your organisation.

Security hardening

We guide you through hardening implementation and how to meet your compliance objectives when building cloud-native applications in Google Cloud. Secure access to your infrastructure with private GKE clusters, Private Service Connect and Identity-Aware Proxy.

Infrastructure automation

Use Terraform, Pulumi, and Cloud Build to deploy applications and provision infrastructure automatically. Handle sensitive data with Google Cloud Secret Management to separate the infrastructure codebase from private data like usernames and passwords. We will assist you in building a scalable, tested infrastructure tailored to your needs.

Batch processing

Use the Google Cloud ecosystem to process and structure massive amounts of data.

Use Google Pub Sub and Google Dataflow to smoothly handle vast data loads.

Leverage Apache Beam models to parse complicated data structures.

Cloud-native observability

Introduce observability to your organisation as a first step to delivering robust and durable products. The Google Monitoring platform brings full observability to our customers’ solutions, including metrics, logs, traces, debugs and alerts. We help you gain complete visibility for applications and infrastructure.

Serverless architecture

We help you to design and implement flexible architectures, which scale up and down instantly depending on user traffic. 

We use programming languages like Go, Python, Java, Scala, Typescript, and more.

What you get

VirtusLab can design and implement entire infrastructure and applications solutions in the Google Cloud ecosystem. We support you in all stages of the software product lifecycle, including solution architecture, implementation and 24×7 operations.

Public and private cloud solutions with Google Kubernetes Engine and Anthos
Secure access to the infrastructure with Private Service Connect and Identity-Aware Proxy
Infrastructure as Code with Terraform and Pulumi
Full DevOpsSec strategy with Cloud Build
Serverless architecture with Cloud Functions
Eventing and streaming with Pub Sub, Dataflow and Apache Beam
Full observability with Google Monitoring solution
Application development in Java, Scala, Go and Python