Adopt Industry 4.0 and get ahead of your competition

Break up the blurred line between advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. Rigid legacy systems disrupt a smooth transition to a fully automated production process. VirtusLab helps you build a stable bridge between the physical and the digital.

Reduce time of implementation by up to 60%

Choose some or all of the ready-to-go modules of our I4 engine. VirtusLab adjusts the modules to your business and helps you streamline your processes. Depending on the technology you use, VirtusLab speeds up implementation by up to 60%.

Get reliable M2M communication

Connect outdated machines without data interfaces using custom software. VirtusLab helps you overcome the challenges of integrating legacy systems into a smart factory environment.

Save energy and decrease utillity bills

Increase your productivity by optimising your processes with a digital twin of your whole company and production processes. This translates into saving money on energy that could be allocated elsewhere.

Increase your company’s profit margin

Save money by reducing maintenance costs, delays, scrap rate and bottlenecks. Know exactly when to maintain your production line, where you need to adjust your processes, and conduct a cost and process analysis based on complete data.

Robotization and automation are visible part of industry 4.0 concept

Snap out of the pilot trap

Regain control of your digital transformation and leverage real-time data to create the best possible production processes. Instead of just keeping the production running and plugging holes, focus on streamlining your manufacturing.

Reduce maintenance costs

Know exactly when and where to maintain your machines by using digital twins. Fuel your decision-making process with real-time information about malfunctions and keep your production delays to a minimum.

Get strategic results under ISO 27001

Be sure that your sensitive data and know-how are secure. VirtusLab works under the ISO 27001 quality management system to deliver strategic results. This means we understand the importance of clear and defined processes to handle sensitive data with security and confidentiality.

Minimise your carbon footprint

Adopt Industry 4.0 and help build a better environment. Effective production reduces the scrap rate and optimises energy usage. Create better products with less impact on the environment.

What you get

A customised implementation of our core engine modules. Take advantage of VirtusLab’s experience to expedite implementation. Choose the most critical areas within your manufacturing process, and VirtusLab will tailor the system to meet your needs.

Industry operator controlling machines