How to accelerate the process of becoming a decision driven Insurance company through VirtusLab Services

At VirtusLab, we provide insurance companies with reliable data platforms to manage their data effectively. We use open-source tech and modern techniques to develop custom data platforms that serve as a single source of truth.

This truth unleashes the full potential of data and gives insurance companies control over informed decisions. Our goal is to blend batch and real-time insights, leading to better customer outcomes.

Increase efficiency with a self-service approach

We at VirtusLab believe that data analysts should be able to work independently without relying on engineers throughout every data analysis process. Our data platforms eliminate this dependency by providing data analysts with a comprehensive framework.

Our solutions empower data analysts to perform data transformations on their own, streamline the process, support critical decision-making, and allow for a faster path to market.

Generate the correct reports with full confidence

Our goal is to give Insurance customers comprehensive and scalable data solutions. We provide quick access to data, regardless of amount or complexity.

Our platforms offer flexible, customisable views and access to innovative techniques like automation, data science, and machine learning. Drive your business forward with full potential data leverage.

Reduce maintenance costs

Our solutions are more maintainable because they are reliable and custom-made. We use reliable frameworks and languages to detect bugs during development, not runtime. Our customers benefit from reduced vendor reliance because they own and control the custom solution we create.

We omit useless features and focus on what is needed! No more waiting for vendors to make key changes! Adding a new feature is much easier, cheaper and faster because we provide a custom-made solution. It can be integrated with any existing or future framework or tools our customers wish to use.

Modernise with a cloud data platform “connect, collect or both”

We understand that choosing the right data platform is critical to the success of our Insurance customers. That’s why we offer the flexibility to select between traditional, modern, and cloud-based data platforms – sometimes somewhere in-between.

As multi-cloud experts, we can design and maintain solutions on any cloud, giving the peace of mind that data is secure and accessible from anywhere. With our solutions, our customers enjoy predictive capabilities, high automation, optimised cost and the best security, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

Get a custom-made “Decision” platform through VirtusLab

Instead of locking down to an expensive general data platform, invest in custom-made and pay only for the features you really need. We work with our customer’s teams on every step of the journey by providing on-demand best-in-class advisory and enterprise-grade engineering capability. Our services and solutions are flexible, so we have you covered.

We look forward to helping you create a genuinely decision-driven business.

Cloud-native, On-prem Hadoop and Hybrid Data Lakes
Spark and software engineering expertise
Domain Driven Design
Both nested (ML) and flat (traditional reports) views on data
Self-served approach
Reliable and compile-time safe transformations
Automated verification
Parallel hyperparameter tuning
reliable data platform for insurance