How to be a part of Scala’s Open Community Build

This article is part of the Open Community Build series. This time, we focus on how you can get involved and contribute to the Scala 3 community.

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Reconciling Spark APIs for Scala

Scala 3 gives you the tools to design the perfect Spark API. We proved it by creating the open source library Iskra.

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How to make Akka serialization bulletproof

If you encounter problems related to serialization in Akka, this article’s for you, in which we show VirtusLab’s Akka Serialization Helper.

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How to prevent Scala 3 compiler regressions with Community Build

VirtusLab’s Scala 3 article series is coming. In this article, you’ll learn how t prevent compiler regressions with Community Build.

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Data Modeling in Scala 3, but I only use types

Type level programming in Scala 3 has found many strong use cases in production as well as academic codebases. Read about the most useless one in a blog post by our Scala Developer.

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The Most Common Scala Myths Debunked

This essay dispels several very substantial myths about #Scala that we have seen circulating the blogosphere. For each debunked myth, we present an alternative viewpoint backed up by data from reliable sources. 


Spark 3 migration for the top global retailer

This article sums up our work with a challenging Spark 3 migration for a top global retailer.

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Achieving Indisputable Job Security Using Novel Scala 3 Features: A Case Study

Scala 3 has been out for a while now, and since then, our devs have used its new features for many purposes. Learn about the most economically beneficial one in a post by our Scala Developer.


Ready for the fall edition of ScalaCon!

Curious about what’s new in Metals and why it’s an awesome IDE for Scala 3? Join us on November 5 at ScalaCon to find out!

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Make your tech dreams come true with VirtusLab!

Inkuire: Hoogle-like searches for Scala 3 and Kotlin

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