Ready for the fall edition of ScalaCon!

Curious about what’s new in Metals and why it’s an awesome IDE for Scala 3? Join us on November 5 at ScalaCon to find out!

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Make your tech dreams come true with VirtusLab!

Inkuire: Hoogle-like searches for Scala 3 and Kotlin

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Friction-less Scala

Read about our commitment to the development of Scala 3 and its ecosystem.

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Meet us at the ScalaCon 2021!

The season for tech events and conferences is in a full swing for our #VLteam, next on our schedule – ScalaCon 2021!

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TASTY way of (re)writing macros in Scala 3

Since the interface for writing macros in Scala 3 is completely different from that of Scala 2, macro libraries should become easier to develop and maintain. It also means that macro libraries from Scala 2 can’t be easily migrated or ported and instead have to be rewritten using the new TASTY API.


Contributing to scalafmt

Working on open-source software can be a very rewarding experience. Whether you contribute to a particular library that you use daily or just to learn something new out of plain curiosity. The scalafmt is an example of an open-source project that is very mature and well managed.

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Revisiting Scala Native performance

Scala Native performance and memory usage compared with JVM and Graal Native Image.

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Join the Scala 3 Release Party by

The long-awaited premiere is here: Scala 3 is a reality. Join us at the Scala 3 Release Party by on Friday, April 23rd.

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The future of Scaladoc

Scala 3, like all modern languages, needs a tool for generating documentation. Scaladoc, the documentation engine used with Scala 2, is stable and powerful, but it cannot be used ‘as is’ in the Scala 3 world.

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Creating IntelliJ plugin with WebView

In this post, we would like to show how to create a simple plugin for IntelliJ with JCEF, the new WebView framework. In our company, we use it to build such tools as GraphBuddy or CodeTale. The first one is already released, the second one we are still working on in our R&D team. It is a plugin to your IDE, which enables you to browse comments from pull requests.

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