Join the Scala 3 Release Party by

The long-awaited premiere is here: Scala 3 is a reality. Join us at the Scala 3 Release Party by on Friday, April 23rd.

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The future of Scaladoc

Scala 3, like all modern languages, needs a tool for generating documentation. Scaladoc, the documentation engine used with Scala 2, is stable and powerful, but it cannot be used ‘as is’ in the Scala 3 world.

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Creating IntelliJ plugin with WebView

In this post, we would like to show how to create a simple plugin for IntelliJ with JCEF, the new WebView framework. In our company, we use it to build such tools as GraphBuddy or CodeTale. The first one is already released, the second one we are still working on in our R&D team. It is a plugin to your IDE, which enables you to browse comments from pull requests.

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VirtusLab’s Scala 3 cooperation update

When Martin Odersky joined the VirtusLab Advisory Board, we promised to publish the summary of our involvement in the Scala 3 ecosystem. Here it is!

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Metals with Scala 3

At the end of 2020, the work on the upcoming release of Scala 3 is intensifying. This is the perfect time to get to know, explore, and eventually add Metals to your toolkit!

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Option — the null of our times

Things I would have told my younger-self about using Option in Scala

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Join Scala specialists during the fourth meeting and hear about their latest work hacks and lessons learned!

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Martin Odersky joining VirtusLab’s board of advisors

Creator of Scala language joins VirtusLab’s Scala Steering committee and future of Scala 3 commercial support & maintenance.

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Meet us there! Online tech events we’re attending in June

Summer is getting closer and with it our next events, which we are running online due to the coronavirus situation. Stay safe at home & enjoy the opportunity to expand your knowledge!

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Metals for the Scala community

Virtuslab in cooperation with Scala Center and the Scala community is working on a unique open-source solution - Metals. It’s…
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