sphere.it 2020 is coming

sphere.it is coming

At VirtusLab we always aim higher. We have been evolving sphere.it since 2015 to provide a unique conference experience of the highest level and to make a positive impact on the tech community.

The idea behind sphere.it

The idea behind sphere.it, however, remains the same through the years: look beyond the horizon to inspire IT people.

Sphere.it in its shape focuses on state-of-the-art technology and solutions to day-to-day developers’ problems. It’s a conference that provokes you to make a positive change in the way you build software systems, giving you the opportunity to learn, share and connect.

sphere.it is a multidisciplinary conference initiated by VirtusLab staff, with an open attitude towards its formula every year. Each edition tries to respond to the conditions and needs of the IT and software technology market, offering dedicated paths and workshops, while allowing individualisation to the needs of each participant. Attracting developers, technology enthusiasts and businesses people all over the globe, Sphere.it Conference is becoming the leading Software Tech event in Poland, with 500+ participants on average, great workshops and world-class speakers.

This year we invite you to experience a 2-day conference with a focus on production systems – technology, trade-offs, lessons learned and problems. We bring you an exceptional chance to join and network with a huge tech audience – more than 700 attendees on 3 levels of presented knowledge: master, expert, and beginner.

sphere.it 2020

Let’s talk about state-of-the-art solutions applicable in real, production-grade systems.

This is a unique attitude where the Main Stage belongs to Masters of Software Craftsmanship – real technology rockstars and creators of technologies. They will present their experiences of running scalable, large-scale systems in production, with real users and real trade-offs (and real deadlines).

The Cameral Stage is dedicated to truly advanced talks where tech professionals will dive deep. They will show their detailed expertise, not obvious solutions and brand new tools.

The Rehearsal Stage is a place for those who want to start their adventure with particular technologies.

The spheres indicate the technology area which will be covered:

  • distributed and reactive systems
  • data science and data engineering
  • dev tooling
  • cloud-native
  • front-end engineering

As in previous years, the venue of sphere.it 2020 will be The Krakow Opera – cultural flagship of the city. Located in the very heart of Kraków, The Krakow Opera, established in 1954, has been proving its importance from season to season, thanks to the excellent quality of its artistic endeavours. Throughout the years, the Opera has worked with some of the world’s and Poland’s most outstanding artists.

Unforgettable atmosphere and uniqueness of this place create the ideal environment for growth, networking and community-building opportunities!

sphere.it 2019 edition was a blast! Check it up!

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Natalia Romanowska
Natalia Romanowska Feb 23, 2020