Operator Service for Jenkins – the right way of running Jenkins in your organization

Operator Service for Jenkins automates the lifecycle of your favourite CI/CD platform on Kubernetes.

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Get to know Operator Service for Jenkins – the right way of running scalable, immutable, and secure Jenkins in your organization.
The problem

When it comes to running a stateful application in a cloud-native environment like Kubernetes, it usually requires significant refactoring or additional automation handling lifecycle-management activities to make configuration fully operational.

Kubernetes brings declarative configuration, autoscaling, self-healing, and other capabilities natively supported by the platform that the application can leverage. However, with this power and flexibility, there comes a need for a little bit of an extra engineering effort.

For example, Jenkins is a stateful application that heavily relies on XML configuration files and is not designed to run in scalable environments without integration with the Kubernetes runtime. It makes it difficult for users to navigate and use this technology, especially at scale within large organizations. This often leads to some manual work and likely duplication of effort within your organization.

Our solution – cloud-native CI/CD platform

Our Operator Service for Jenkins is a cloud-native CI/CD platform built on top of Jenkins and Kubernetes. In principle, customers should be able to use the product on any public cloud platform like Azure, AWS, RedHat Marketplace (OpenShift), as well as support self-hosted offerings.

We wanted to put human operational knowledge into software operators by focusing on reducing day one activities related to installing, patching and manual work within the dev tooling space.

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Scale-out the automation

Operator Service constantly watches over your Jenkins to provide the highest availability and quick response in case of an emergency.


By connecting to Kubernetes, we’ve obtained the benefits of scalability, flexibility and ease of extension. 


The whole system provides the best security standards brought to you by an ISO 27001 certified company.


Our solution guarantees extensive monitoring capabilities and vast control over your projects.


A version-controlled ecosystem enables fast and effective testing of varying configurations.


Maintenance is greatly simplified and disaster recovery reduced to a few minutes.

Effortless Deployment – Single Source of truth for Jenkins and job/pipelines configuration
Easy Maintenance – Utilize blue-green deployment for safe upgrades in production environments
Disaster Recovery – Uncomplicated way to recreate the whole instance from scratch
Reduce the engineering effort & increase your engineers’ job satisfaction

With the help of Operator Service for Jenkins, you can get the most out of Jenkins’ capabilities to build extensive and reliable setups, leaving the rest to the operator. It was designed to reduce the effort of keeping the CI/CD infrastructure to a minimum, thus allowing engineering teams to focus on business value.

We’ve spent months of engineering effort on preparing scalable and secure Jenkins infrastructure. Eventually, we switched to Operator Service for Jenkins which solved most of our problems right away.
Radek Ostojski
Former Head of Infrastructure @ Addison Global (MoPlay)
Future goals

The set of available features will be constantly updated to provide an amazing opportunity to move your services to the cloud in the easiest way possible – using the technology everyone is familiar with but extended and modernized.

We can help you

Apart from the technology solution, we are domain experts in CI/CD workflows transformation and general assistance. We can solve various problems around the CI/CD for customers from every industry.

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