Keeping the lights on – any cloud, any infrastructure

Work in partnership to improve system robustness and resilience, so your business can depend on it in the long run.

Run on any cloud

Become provider-agnostic. Or, adopt a multi-cloud strategy and get all the best capabilities and cost-efficiencies for your business. Multi-cloud helps you deliver exceptional experiences globally and at scale.

See everything with full observability

Cloud-native observability is an essential element of every production-grade infrastructure. As a result of the comprehensive monitoring of cloud-based services, containers, and data, issues are simple to find and fix.

Cost management maximises cloud investment

Full observability means you can keep cloud spending under control while identifying opportunities to improve capacity and efficiency through re-architecture.

Real-time continuous optimisation

Analyse data from tracing, logging, workload, existing processes, automation, and infrastructure friction to enhance performance. Optimise environments to handle specific workloads and contain usage spikes.

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Cloud-native operations expertise

Gain access to unrivalled cloud-native operational capabilities and knowledge.

We can support you in all stages of the software product lifecycle. Go check out Virtuslab’s cloud-native engineering services.

Preventative measures for complex computing systems that need to run with high reliability. Track performance so that software runs faster, at a lower cost and is more dependable. 

On-call incident response, fire drills and chaos testing to meet reliability objectives. Prevent root causes and capacity to innovate.

Migrate applications from one cloud provider to another. Improve system scalability and shorten development cycles. Decommission legacy systems without business impact. 

Application lift and shift or complete re-platforming to gain benefits of new technologies.

Access deep expertise in operating the Kubernetes ecosystem at scale on any cloud. Use proven patterns and automation to manage hundreds of clusters in multi-cloud environments.

We support edge infrastructure with GCP Anthos, including complex setup, lifecycle management, and networking challenges.

Build a full observability stack for your cloud infrastructure and your applications. We use open-source technologies, including Prometheus, Grafana, Thanos, and Kibana, alongside paid products.

Establish real-time monitoring patterns and insights to keep your software running reliably and efficiently.

Create an end-to-end incident management workflow, including integrating notifications systems, defining alerting rules and limiting noisy signals and false positives.

Establish standards and a culture of post-mortems and continuous improvement. We operate mission-critical cloud-native platforms with zero-downtime infrastructure lifecycle management.

The principles of cloud-native operations

With a holistic view of technology, VirtusLab collaborates with you at every stage of the infrastructure lifecycle, including designing, building, automating, and operating your cloud solutions. Complete the entire development and support cycle with a single partner.

Keep your cloud infrastructure secure and up to date
Monitor utilisation and optimise costs with the right capacity planning
Immediate response to production incidents, continuous progress updates, providing root cause analysis and acting proactively to reduce risk levels
Continuous improvement of documentation, automation, scaling and reliability.