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SoftwareMill joins the VirtusLab Group

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Rafał Pokrywka


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The decision to merge was fueled by a shared culture and experience in different areas of software development, as well as previous successful collaborations. It was highly significant to collaboratively establish a community centered on our core technologies.

SoftwareMill will retain their distinct identity, including branding and management by their respective founders. As VirtusLab Group, we enable them to operate independently while leveraging the strengths and capabilities of each other to serve our clients better.


SoftwareMill and VirtusLab representatives signing the contract

SoftwareMill’s impressive achievements over the years, including their focus on knowledge and expertise in areas such as Java, ML/Data, Cloud, Scala, and Kafka, have made them a trusted partner for many clients. We are delighted to welcome a team of over 100 experts into our midst, who are active within the community and have contributed to open-source solutions aimed at improving efficiency.

We are excited about the future possibilities and look forward to the continued growth and success of the VirtusLab Group.


SoftwareMill and VirtusLab sealing the merge with a joint photo and a handshake

The synergy between VirtusLab and SoftwareMill is apparent, as both companies share similar values and a passion for providing high-quality software technology solutions to clients worldwide. We will leverage our expertise in cloud-native engineering, data science, and digital transformation to offer tailored end-to-end services and productivity-enhancing products.

We are expanding our skill sets and acquiring new specialties to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving software industry. The companies’ shared focus on the above-mentioned sections makes for a perfect fit, enabling them to combine their strengths and provide clients with even more comprehensive and effective solutions.

The future of VirtusLab Group

The VirtusLab Group is set to strengthen its position in its core areas of expertise and boost its competitive advantages to stay ahead in these challenging times. The company aims to increase its market presence in large, mature markets, including Germany, Switzerland, the UK, the Nordic countries, and the US. With the merger, VirtusLab Group has become the largest Scala partner, while also significantly increasing its competence in other languages and technologies.

As the VirtusLab Group continues to grow, it remains open to further collaborations, mergers, or acquisitions to strengthen its position as a leader in selected technologies. The company believes in building strong relationships with its partners to provide comprehensive expertise and improve the productivity of software systems development.

VirtusLab values diversity and uniqueness, and its distributed group culture reflects this ethos. The merger with SoftwareMill is a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering strong relationships and enhancing the value it brings to its customers, partners, and team members.

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VirtusLab's work has met the mark several times over, and their latest project is no exception. The team is efficient, hard-working, and trustworthy. Customers can expect a proactive team that drives results.

Stephen Rooke
Stephen RookeDirector of Software Development @ Extreme Reach

VirtusLab's engineers are truly Strapi extensions experts. Their knowledge and expertise in the area of Strapi plugins gave us the opportunity to lift our multi-brand CMS implementation to a different level.

facile logo
Leonardo PoddaEngineering Manager @ Facile.it

VirtusLab has been an incredible partner since the early development of Scala 3, essential to a mature and stable Scala 3 ecosystem.

Martin OderskyHead of Programming Research Group @ EPFL

The VirtusLab team's in-depth knowledge, understanding, and experience of technology have been invaluable to us in developing our product. The team is professional and delivers on time – we greatly appreciated this efficiency when working with them.

Michael GrantDirector of Development @ Cyber Sec Company